Blue_FlagLast year we received our first Blue Flag for increasing physical activity in school. With the current increases in obesity and related health issues, keeping fit has never been so important.

In school we have an Active School Committee, this includes 11 pupils and our Principal. In the last two yeara we have ;

  • Created a Active School Committee
  • Made a school Active Motto ‘Let’s have some fun while we do our daily run’
  • We have a created a school song for fitness!
  • We have introduced equipment to yard times to increase the level of physical activity
  • At Halloween we went on a walk through the town to show off our costumes while also getting some exercise
  • In classes we have introduced active ‘brain breaks’ in classrooms
  • Assemblies every Tuesday are now more active than ever with everyone following our committee as they carry out an aerobics session
  • This December we had a ‘Santa Dash’, we never ran so far in our hats and Christmas jumpers!

Who knows what’s next….. whatever it is, it is sure to get the heart racing!!

If you would like more information have a look at the Blue Flag website by clicking here


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