Principal’s Notes

As principal of St Colman’s National School it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website. As you browse through our site you will get a sense of our school’s underlying philosophy, our love of sports, music and outstanding academic achievements.

We pride ourselves in providing primary education for our students in a caring, nurturing and happy environment in which each student is valued. The happiness of the child is stressed as we believe that a child who is happy makes the best progress. We are conscious too of our role in promoting the religious, social and moral development of the pupils. The school is a Catholic school which welcomes children of all religions and nationalities.

We are very fortunate to have truly dedicated teaching staffs who work tirelessly to provide excellence in the education of our students.

We are supported hugely by our Board of Management and our Parent Council. On a physical level, the Board of Management and Parent Council have ensured that the best buildings possible have been provided, that classrooms are bright, comfortable and well maintained and that finance is available to equip the school with up-to-date educational aids and equipment.

We continue to work in partnership with our parents in achieving our goal of ‘courage and confidence in the pursuit of excellence’.
Bryan Lynch
School Principal

Mrs Carroll - Deputy Principal / 5th/6th Class Rm 12

Mrs Carroll – Deputy Principal / 6th Class Rm 10

Mrs. Luttrell - Secretary

Mrs. Luttrell – Secretary

Ms. Biggs - Junior Infants Rm 1

Ms. Biggs – Junior Infants Rm 1

Mr. McEvoy - Senior Infants Rm 3

Mr. McEvoy – Senior Infants Rm 3

Ms. Whelan

Ms. Whelan – Senior Infants Rm 4

Ms. Butler - 1st Class Rm 7

Ms. Butler – 1st Class Rm 7

Ms. Biggs - 2nd Class Rm 8

Ms. Biggs – 2nd Class Rm 8

Mr. Twomey - 2nd/3rd Class Rm 6

Mr. Twomey – 2nd/3rd Class Rm 6

Mr. O'Brien - 3rd Class Rm 5

Mr. O’Brien – 3rd Class Rm 5

Mr. Prendergast 4th Class Rm 12

Mr. Prendergast -4th Class Rm 12

Mr. Brennan - 5th Class Rm 11

Mr. Brennan – 5th Class Rm 11

Mrs. O'Donnell - S.E.T.

Mrs. O’Donnell – S.E.T.


Mrs. O’Donnell – S.E.T.


Ms. O’Connor – S.E.T.


Mrs. Kelly – S.E.T.

Ms. Fitzpatrick - S.E.T.

Ms. Fitzpatrick – S.E.T.


Mrs. Hanlon – S.E.T.

Mrs. Hanlon - S.E.T.

Mrs. Hanlon S.E.T.

Mrs. Robbins - S.N.A.

Mrs. Robbins – S.N.A.

Ms. Mulhall - S.N.A.

Ms. Mulhall – S.N.A.

Ms. Molloy - S.N.A.

Ms. Molloy – S.N.A.

Ms. O'Brien - S.N.A.

Ms. O’Brien – S.N.A.

Ms. O'Connor - S.N.A.

Ms. O’Connor – S.N.A.

Mrs. Davis - S.N.A.

Mrs. Davis – S.N.A.

Mrs. Maher - S.N.A.

Mrs. Maher – S.N.A.

St. Colman’s is lucky to have an enthusiastic and hardworking staff. We have 27 full time staff members and two part time cleaning staff.

School Management

Bryan is supported by our Deputy Principal, Mrs. S Carroll.  Both work tirelessly to maintain a safe and caring environment in the school which promotes respect for others, for the environment and for learning.

They are always available to pupils and parents in the school and are very happy to talk over any questions or concerns which may arise. Please feel free to contact the school to make an appointment to speak with them.

In-School Management Team

Mr. Lynch & Mrs. Carroll are supported by three other staff members on the In-School Management Team who are;ISM jpeg

Mrs. C O’Donnell

Mrs. S. Knowles

Teaching Staff

Our school has eighteen dedicated teachers working in mainstream classes and learning support positions.  Our teaching team are highly qualified and trained in a wide range of specialist teaching programmes and methodologies.  We are an enthusiastic and energetic group of teachers and we pride ourselves on our commitment to our school, our pupils and their parents.  We share a wealth of experience teaching all class levels from Junior Infants to 6th class and together we work hard to create a positive learning environment throughout the school.

Non-Teaching Staff

Our school has two fantastic secretaries, Mrs. Esther Luttrell and Mrs. Niamh Kavanagh, who are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Office hours are from 9.30 to 3.00pm.

We have seven wonderful Special Needs Assistants, Liz Mulhall, Liz Molloy, Suzanne O’Connor, Rachel O’Brien, Anne-Marie Maher, Nicola Davis and Sylvia O’Brien, working with children in the school.

Our school is kept sparkling by Gerry, Shannon and Petya who go above and beyond to ensure that our school is kept clean and bright to provide a positive learning environment.

Board of Management

The new BoM of St. Colman’s has recently been appointed. If you wish to make contact with the BoM, please contact the school office.

Valerie Sheehy                             Chairperson

Very Rev. Fr. Gerard Breen         Patron

Anita O’Riordan                            Elected Parent

Damien McArdle                          Elected Parent

Bryan Lynch                              Principal Teacher

Aisling Kelly                              Staff Representative

Catherine Corbett                      Community Representative

Michael Knowles                         Community Representative