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2016 17 :


This is the link to our end of year board of management report for the school year ending 2016/17 and also just added you will find the end of year BOM report for the school year ended 2017/18




Board of Management Agreed Report 25/9/17

  • Minutes read and adopted
  • Correspondence related to pupil from Kolbe
  • Reports on interviews held over the summer and subsequent staffing change.
  • Discussion of purchase of land adjoining school
  • Neville Conroy has been appointed as architect for new ASD extension
  • Annual report of Child Protection
  • Treasurers Report shows school in good financial shape
  • List of policies which have been revised and adopted. These will then published on school website
  • School to take part in Droichead process of inducting new teachers
  • The school’s approach to SET teaching was reviewed
  • The School is due to close on the 5th of October for in-service in new language curriculum
  •  Staff are fully compliant with usage of Croke Park hours and this year’s usage was reported on
  • Parent/Teacher meetings will take place in November for 1st to 6th class and February for Senior and Junior Infants
  • Sample plan of three year strategic plan shown. This will form basis of curricular, non-curricular and resource objectives over the next three school years
  • Principal’s report including staffing, attendance rates and extra-curricular matters was made



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