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Practice your tables!

Maths Zone

Woodlands Kent interactive maths games

Help My Kid Learn

Maths games – choose your level

ict Games

ICT games – interactive maths activities


Top Marks

Interactive maths games – choose your level

Math Playground

Online maths games for kids

Maths Games

Game based maths activities

Nrich Mathematics

Challenging problem solving activities


Cool Math 4 Kids

Fun Maths games

Class Maths

Online maths resources designed by Irish teachers

Maths Zone

Interactive games and resources

Mini Maths Club

Maths activities for young learners


Maths Sphere

Maths puzzles for upper primary levels

Great Maths Games

Online and printable maths activities

Mental Maths

Mental maths challenges from Intel

BBC Numeracy

BBC Numeracy links Age 4-11 yrs



Fun maths games

Primary Games

Primary Games – maths activities