Mindful Tuesday – (the Second Tuesday of every month)

On Máirt Meabhrach (Mindful Tuesday), the children have a homework free night! Instead of doing homework, we encourage you and your child/family to engage in an activity that promotes positive mental health. Here are some ideas/suggestions…

Technology free night

  • Family play a board game togetherwalk_dog
  • Family walk
  • Cycling
  • Baking/cooking together
  • Family sit down to have dinner together
  • Swimming
  • Read a book together
  • Take your pet for a walk
    • Art/knitting/sewing)
    • Play a sport together
    • Do a family project on a topic of interest
    • Play a musical instrumentknitting_01
    • Listen to music
    • Take up a new hobby
    • Play a card game/charades/jigsaws
    • Gardening
    • Write a letter
    • We are starting with our wonderful ‘Mindfulness Tuesday’ this year, starting Tuesday, September 13th. This is a NO HOMEWORK:-) day in which we encourage you all to engage in relaxing and mindful activities and we’ve enclosed a list of suggestions here. If you have any new ideas we’d love to hear them and we welcome photos, videos and samples of art, baking, writing etc done which we may place on our school blog.

Each child will have a very small exercise to complete which will explain which activity they did for Mindful Tuesday.